Links - Israel on the Internet


Good information that is updated periodically and I welcome any suggestions as to sites you'd recommend adding:


While Preparing Your Trip

Cellphone Rentals in Israel - for phone rental during your tour

 Smartphone Advice - - some helpful info for people bringing their own cellphone

Bank of Israel Exchange Rates - for the official rates

 Universal Currency Converter - for everybody's money

 Israeli Weather - government weather service

 Israel Weather - private site

 Religious Calendars - for everybody's holidays

 Metric conversions - for all kinds of stuff

 Ben-Gurion Airport -

 Touring Maps (Hebrew) -

 Urban distances in Israel -


 Stuff to do when you've got a bit of time on your hands


Live at the Western Wall - will show you a live picture of the Western Wall 24 hours a day. It refreshes every 60 seconds.

 Israel on You Tube -

 Israel 21st Century - - a great website to know what's going on here

 A Package from Home - will help you send a package to soldiers defending Israel. Over 135,000 packages in three years. Join in!!

 Pizza for soldiers - You can order a pizza and Pepsi sent to soldiers on duty.

 Thank Israeli Soldiers - support those defending Israel


Places to see and stuff to do

 Jerusalem Municipality - official website of the municipality

 Jerusalem Mosaic - tourism and culture in this amazing city

 Western Wall 360 - just what it says

 Museums in Israel - links to all the museums in Israel

 Dig for a Day - - pay for the privilege of being slave labor and do a dig hands on

 City of David - where it all began

 Places to Visit in Israel - places you might enjoy

 Off the Beaten Path in Israel - the other places that are interesting

 Jerusalem Old City - fascinating site

 Bible Places - see where it happened

 Eye on Israel - good site for maps and information

 Archaeological Sites in Israel - lots of digging going on

 Tel Aviv White City - Bauhaus in Tel Aviv

 Western Wall Tunnels - the street along the Western Wall below ground

 Western Wall - there are stones and there are stones; there are hearts and there are hearts

Volunteer Pilots and the IAF - the password is "iaf"

Touring in Israel - ideas and places

 Tower of David Museum - the history of the city of Jerusalem

 Temple Institute - what was the Temple all about

 Jerusalem for Kids - fun stuff

 International Conservation Center - Akko an opportunity to work as an intern in conservation work in the city of Akko

 Israel Ride (Bicycles) - for the serious biker

 Mt. of Olives - one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries and home of historic churches

 Midnight Biking Through Jerusalem - fun late at night

 Visit Palestine - the other side of the fence

 Kosher restaurants in Israel - if you are coming over Pesach

 Wildflowers in Israel- (Hebrew) and  


Games (not just for kids)

 JNF Map Game (Hebrew) - - great game

 Jewish Trivia Quiz - test your knowledge

 Hebrew Tongue-Twisters - you think it's hard in English

 Middle East Map Game - lots of fun


 Media Sources

 Israel Broadcast News - news in English

 Jerusalem Post - English daily newspaper

 Ha'Aretz English edition of the Israeli daily newspaper

 Israel Today Magazine - news and a Biblical perspective

 Eretz Magazine is your way to view this wonderful bimonthly of nature and historical sites in Israel and our neighboring lands.




Israel Commentary (Blog) - not just about Israel

 Arutz 7 (Blog) -

 Middle-East On Target (Blog) - - my favorite blog on Israel

 Peace FAQs -



 Arab-Israeli War of 1948 - newsreel footage

 Arab Terrorism - history and perspective

 Armenian Genocide - important history unknown to many

 Bible History - what it says

 British Pathe Newsreels - newsreel footage 

 Encyclopedia of the Founders of Israel -

 Avalon Project - from Yale Law School' every document about Israel/Palestine

 Irgun (Etzel) - one of the underground militias fighting to establish Israel

 Historic Cities - not just ours

 IDF Memorial (in Hebrew) - listing every fallen soldier and who he/she was

 Israel Genealogical Society - search for roots

 Jewish Genealogy - not just in Israel

 Jewish History - great resource

 Life in Israel - ; ; 3-part photo essay on the new state

 Fly to Israel (1950s) - - Air France commercial

 Ancient Maps of Israel -

 Holyland Maps -

 Early Photos of Holyland - what life was like then

 Israel Photos - old photos

 Jerusalem Institute Maps - historical maps

 Jerusalem Shots (photos) -

 Life Magazine - Israel 1960 - photo essay after 12 years of statehood

 Israel in New Testament Times - a look at history

 Empires of the Middle East - - 5000 years of history in 90 seconds

 Matson Photo Service - amazing archive of Palestine back then

 Palestine in the 1930s Photos - great archive

 Abba Eban Interviewed by Mike Wallace (1958) - insights into the situation 10 years on

 Israeli Flag and Emblem: a history -

 Israel Independence Day - good site for historical information

 West Semitic Research Center - ancient texts

 Jewish History - online Jewish studies

 10 Oldest Cities - not just ours


Resources on Israel


Israeli Stamps - for the philatelist

 Israeli Stamps - also

 Anti-Semitism or Anti-Zionism on campus - what to do about it

Terrorist Information Center - -great resource

 Israel Resource List - places to get information

 Jewish Clip Art - to decorate your stuff

 Volunteering in Israel - how you can help

 Jewish Virtual Library - great resource

 Guide to Aliya - for those considering the move

 IDF Website - official army website

 Israel Antiquities Authority - dig what we've dug

 Israel Ministry of Tourism - ideas for touring

 Israel Special Forces - the best we've got

 Christian Friends of Israel - a vital group of concerned supporters

 Eretz Yisrael Organizations - good resource for understanding what's going on here

 Israel Guide Dogs - amazing place

 Pave the Way - looking to build bridges

 Dore Bible Art - Biblical art

 Knesset Website - what's going on in government

 Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs - understand what Israel does and why

 Hebrew Songs - great site to find good music

 Jewish Agency - what is going on with new immigrants and more

 Terrorism Awareness Project - know what's going on


Shopping for Israeli things


Be an "Economic Zionist" and buy from Israeli stores - it's good for the economy! When you order, please let them know you found them through Sandy!!!!

 Bubatik - is a place to buy handmade dolls and mobiles made by little old ladies on my kibbutz who drained the swamps and built a country

 Microcalligraphy gallery - is where you will find the finest microcalligraphy work (pictures made up of entire biblical and liturgical texts by Leon Azoulay of Tzfat.

 Microcalligraphy gallery - is where to find excellent microcalligraphy work by Moshe Dadon of Tzfat.

 Woven Tallitot and Judaica items - is where to find the most beautiful, hand-woven tallitot, hallah covers, kipot, etc. Ya'ir will custom weave to your specific design requirements.

 Magnificent Modern Designs in Judaica - is where you will find original designs that are just wonderful.

 Judaica and Art - is the place to find beautiful Judaica and art

 Israel Posters - magnificent posters to hang at home or office.

 Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry - for jewelry made from ancient glass

 Wooden Instruments and Designs - handmade marimbas, harps, tables.

 Art and Objects - fine art and housewares in Tzfat and Jerusalem.

 Tapestries - has some magnificent tapestries to hang on your walls.

 Fine Art - the Blue and White Gallery on the Cardo in the Jewish Quarter with Agam, Chagall, Merioz and other fine artists

 Sculptures - the most wonderful sculptures of modern and biblical themes. My first stop after I win the Lotto.

 Gifts of ceramic - with some great draydels and beautiful Seder plates

 Gifts and tourist stuff - the baptismal site on the Jordan River near the Sea of Galilee with one of the most complete gift selections in all of Israel with books, shirts, religious gifts, beauty products, etc.

 Gifts and tourist stuff - the Essene village where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, with one of the most complete gift selections in all of Israel with books, shirts, religious gifts, beauty products, etc.

 Clever sculptures - from Old Jaffa, where you will find some of the cleverest and interesting metal sculptures around.

 Ahava Beauty Products - by the Dead Sea with the complete line of beauty products from the factory.

 Yemenite Art - in Old Jaffa for ornate Yemenite jewelry and religious objects.

 Art Gallery - in Tzfat for arts and crafts.

 Old photos of Jerusalem - where you can find and order pictures of Jerusalem from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

 Armenian Ceramics - where you can find magnificent, hand-painted ceramics

 Lifeline for the Old - is the site for this most amazing place for the elderly in Jerusalem

 Rozen Gallery - is a gallery on the Cardo in Jerusalem that has lovely artwork especially oil paintings on Jerusalem stone.