Sandy Kuttler

  • Member of Kibbutz Sarid in the Jezreel Valley since 1988.
  • Born in Englewood, NJ; raised there and in South Florida.
  • Graduate of Israel Ministry of Tourism course for Tour Guides.
  • Masters in Social Work (MSW): Group Dynamics & Administration, Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University.
  • Bachelor of Arts: Philosophy and Religious Studies, Florida International University.
  • Day School educated in New Jersey and Florida.
Over 50 years experience in Israel and America working with individuals and groups in a wide variety of communities and age groups, including: UJC (UJA), Galilee College, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JNF, Alexander Muss Institute for Israel Education (formerly the Alexander Muss High School in Israel), USY, NFTY, B'nai Brith Hillel Foundations (campus director), Jewish Federations, Hadassah's Camp Judaea, March of the Living, Catholic Youth Organization, JCCs, Israeli Folk Dance, Reform, Conservative and Orthodox congregations, camps, schools and youth groups (USY, NFTY, Young Judaea, Hashomer Ha-Tza'ir, Blue Star Camps and Camp Ramah), United Nations Disengagement Observation Forces (UNDOF), Beit Rottenberg, Israel Youth Hostel Association, Jewish Agency (AZYF), an assortment of Israeli high tech companies and others. Formerly a Senior Lecturer at Galilee College and at Beit Ruttenberg.


Hi Sandy,

Well, we are back to reality after two of the most amazing weeks of our lives. Words cannot express to you how much we enjoyed having you show us Israel. There is no question how much you love what you do and the knowledge you shared with us will remain forever. The experience of this trip was priceless and I am so happy that you had the chance to share in our mitzvah. I hope the Zecher family will be remembered fondly and will join your repertoire of wonderful stories.

I am working on uploading the bar mitzvah photos and video and will send them to you soon.

Again, many thanks to you.


The Zecher's - Victoria, Richard, Rachel and Evan



Thanks so much for the wonderful memories I will have of Israel. You????? are an excellent tour guide. Your knowledge just amazes me.


Jeanette Ayers

Houston, TX



It's very hard to express how rich and wonderful a tour of Israel you provided my family. I can only think of an elaborate historic theater and stage-- viewing it on our own with a Frommers guidebook or such would have been like stumbling along in the dark bumping into things; but you were there to turn on the lights and show us the many marvels, history, intricacies. Wonders.

Thank you so much for helping us to feel welcome, engaged and enlightened even.(Think about it-- by the last day my 21-year-old- super-cynic was laughing; giggling even!) I wish you could have heard the comments last evening at dinner where my children reflect on this week in Israel-- like this blessed country itself, the visit has had deep meaning for all of us and there was much praise for you (my son walked back to the room after dinner and said "I miss Sandy already.")

Again, a heartfelt thank you to you from my family. Your many gifts made our visit so much more than we were ever expecting.

Sincerely yours,

Marc Rappaport



We had an incredible journey and we have you to thank for it. You brought Israel alive for us, both past and present. We were in awe of your wealth of knowledge and we knew a story or an anecdote was always a part of our day. You were patient, kind and very accommodating???????????to our needs. I came home and before I unpacked I looked at all of the pictures you took, such memories we will have. A big toda rabba and please do keep in touch with us.

Fondly, Gail and Peter


Dear Sandy,

I just wanted to take a few moments and thank you again for all that you did for Mark and I during our visit to Israel. You really went above and beyond; and your time and energy were much appreciated. You made our first trip outstanding. I think about what you gave of yourself to make this trip great for us every time one of my co-workers asks about my trip to Israel and I launch into all of the stories made possible because of you.

Your passion for what you do really shines through and has left feelings of desire to return to Israel sometime soon rather than a vacation destination checked off of a list.

A million thanks,



Dear Sandy,

I came to Israel to relive some of my experience from 30 years ago and derive new meaning. Thank you for helpiing to accomplish this beyond anything I could imagine. You gave us your "all" with a smile and with enthusiasm and showed us wha tthis country means to you. Saying "thanks" is not enough. We appreciate everything and loved every minute. Until we meet again....

The Smolers


Dear Sandy,

Just to let you know that in my last half-century in Israel, I think your guiding was just about the best I participated in.

Prof. S.H. Blondheim

Hebrew University

Dear Sandy:

We are back in Skokie where it is snowing heavily and the temperature is heading below 0 degrees (farenheit) is hard to believe that only days ago we were hiking in our tshirts at Tel Dan and eagerly awaiting our next popsicle opportunity...

I am going to tell all my friends about you and our great experience, and am confident that they will enjoy your company on their trips as much as we did on ours.???????????????Now that we have passed "Kuttler 101", we, of course, will be contacting you the next time we come back to Israel for further enlightenment and fun.

I want to thank you for everything you did to help us enjoy our stay in Israel...Clearly, we couldn't have seen a fraction of the places or done the things we did had we not been with you, but that is only part of why we had such a great trip...your friendliness and kindness towards us made us feel immediately particular, your patience with the kids was recognized when they needed to be engaged and when to let them goof off (or doze)...that you appreciated their needs as well as Lauren's and mine allowed everyone to get the most out of the many hours we spent together...I also was so impressed with your love for Israel...every word out of your mouth exuded respect for the land and its people and hope for the future...both Lauren and I felt uplifted by your demeanor and presentation and it was not lost on the kids either (during those few moments that they were not fighting or sleeping in the back of the van!)

I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you in the future.


David and Lauren, Jessica, Matthew, Rebecca and Joshua

Dear Sandy,

How do you describe a spiritual experience which touches the very fabric of your existence? Thank you so much for being a wonderful guide and the information you communicated. For me Israel was a journey into my heart. Thank-you for the trouble you took to make Israel an unforgettable experience.

Daniel Louw
South Africa

Dear Sandy:

Both Eileen and I want to thank you and Robyn for coming on the trip with us.???????????????????????It was wonderful to get to know you better.? We really enjoyed having you with us first as a friend, but also as a professional.? I know we would never have enjoyed this trip as much, without your "filling in" the details. I wrote about the trip in my latest "newsletter" and hope you enjoy reading it.?????????????????Given the?????????????????opportunity, I will mention you to my friends in the UJC Missions department.?????????????????I look forward to our next visit together.

(Joseph of Miami/Atlanta/Jerusalem)

Dear Sandy,

It was a pleasure for me to spend a day with you touring Massada and going to the Spa at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

It was good for me to get away for the few days I was in Jerusalem and I shall always cherish our time together. It was good for me to be with you. You are a great tour guide. Keep up the good work.

All my love,
Ann M. Ruben